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Welcome to Sinbo Precision Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Sinbo Precision Mechanical Co.,Ltd


Sinbo Precision Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Why choose us?

  • Quality system

    Quality system

    ISO9001 & IATF 16949 certified
  • Famous customers

    Famous customers

    10+ years cooperation with word famous car part makers.
  • Japan machines

    Japan machines

    Japan Star and Tsugami machines
  • Quality production

    Quality production

    ERP and IOT systems to ensure quality production.

Sinbo Precision Mechanical Co.,Ltd

We have been providing first class precision mechanical components. Our team has been serving valuable customers from automobile, machinery,Electronic,aero space,medical,insepction industrys.
The company's products are mainly : power battery mechanical parts, power battery water-cooling mechanical parts , and other precision accessories, which are widely used in new energy vehicles and industrial equipment.
We are ISO9001: 2015 and IATF16949: 2016 certified factory .
We have been using ERP and IOT systems to maintain sustainable high quality production.

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